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Allen Facts and Milestones

Allen Organ Company

40th Anniversary of the Digital Organ Video



  •  Allen is the world’s largest organ builder with over 80,000 installations worldwide.  Allen Organ Studios, Delmar, NY has over 600 installations throughout this region alone.

  •  Allen Organ Company has been controlled and run by the same family since it was founded, with only 2 Presidents in 75 years.

  •  Allen invented the electronic organ in 1937

  • The first electronic addition to a pipe organ was a 32’ Pedal stop built by Allen in the 1950’s.

  • Allen invented the digital organ in 1971. 

In fact the Allen Digital Organ was one of only 2 all digital products available in the consumer market at that time.  The other one was the digital calculator.  The original Allen Digital organ now resides in the Smithsonian Institution as recognition to Allen for their contribution to the music world.  Our largest competitor took about 20 years to “catch up” to Allen and to introduce an all digital organ.

  • Allen introduced the world’s first software based organ – Renaissance™ - in 1997.

  • Allen introduced the first digital organ that included multiple, complete and separate stop/voicing specifications AND sampled room acoustics – Quantum™ - in 2004.  Each Quantum tonal suite had complete voicing capabilities – note-by-note, stop-by-stop, to suit room acoustics and preference, and continues with the all new GeniSys instruments.

  • Through our exclusive Sound Matrix™ Library, voices (digital ranks) can be exchanged to suit the church’s and organist’s taste.  This is accomplished via laptop computer and is available on all Renaissance - Quantum - GeniSys technology based organs.  No other organ company is capable of this feature.

  • The new Allen GeniSys™ Organs have greater memory capability and sets the industry standards for sampling rate as compared to our largest competitor.  Precise Pipe Sound captures the attack, steady state, random wind effects, interactive pipe response and release sounds.

  • Allen has over 200 patents issued to them for development in the organ, electronic, and digital technologies. Interestingly, Allen’s early digital patents were for a stereo parallel imaged tone generation system in our MOS 1 and MOS 2 generation organs in the 1970’s, an idea touted by our largest competitor some 30 years later.Allen’s newest technology, Multi Point Audio™ assigns different voices of the organ to multiple audio channels for spatial imaging and sound placement results that exceed those of mono or stereo systems.  This unique channelization, especially in larger instruments, provides greater tuning and equalization control, as well as flexible speaker placement options.  The clean, robust power of Multi Point Audio™ produces ensembles with clarity and dimension that rival the sound of wind blown pipes.

  • With our new GeniSys touch screen controller 128 levels of capture memory are included, comprehensive recording and playback capabilities. With the all new GeniSys Voices™ 2 voices per division can be programmed via dedicated stop controls in each division.  The voices can be tuned, pitched up or down, and volume set on an individual basis, and can be coupled to other divisions.

  • All Allen Digital organs are 100% pipe compatible.  In pipe/digital combination organs, Allen has superior pitch compatibility with Flue pipes and Reed pipes since flues and reeds drift at different rates and directions with temperature changes.  Allen has two (2) solutions: multiple automatic pipe sensors which will calculate a median movement between the two types of pipes; plus, Allen includes a user controlled “Global Tuning” control allowing for 200 cents of drift.

  • Allen organs and ALL its major components and subassemblies are built in America, all under one roof.

  • Allen stocks parts for EVERY organ they have ever built (Try finding parts for a 20-30 year old TV or stereo for example.) Allen Organs never become obsolete due to non-availability of parts.  Because of this, we have many Allen organs still in use at churches around the world that are 40-60 years old.  Allen organs never become obsolete, and can be upgraded should newer technology become available. Exclusive local “in stock” parts/warranty, Quick Respond Program.

  • Stoplist Library™ – The Stoplist Library has 6 complete organ specifications in one console, each from main schools of organ design: American Classic/Classic Allen, Willis/English Cathedral, A. Cavaille-Coll/French Romantic, Neo-Baroque/Schlicker, North German Baroque/Arp Schnitger, and the all new Aeolian-Skinner. Allen has thousands of authentic digital samples from actual pipe organs from around the world built by famed builders such as E.M. Skinner, Henry Willis, Cavaile-Coll, Arp Schnitger, Hermann Schlicker and G. Donald Harrison, among others. An Allen GeniSys organ is capable of performing music from ANY school of organ literature, and is capable of leading any choir or congregation in the liturgical music of their denomination. Stoplist Library offers separate, complete organ specifications with cohesive ensembles for the organist to select, not just a few randomly selectable, “mix and match” extra voices.

  • Acoustic Portrait™ – Not only has Allen digitally sampled pipes from around the world to create true pipe organ sound, but now they have sampled actual rooms, to include the famed St. Denis Cathedral in Paris.  You can now actually play the organ at St. Denis in the room in which it resides with stunning realism.

  • For Larger Allen Instrument and all designer instruments, Premium wooden key sticks are standard, are fully adjustable with felted pivot points and with sealed keyboard contacts.

  • Optional OST™ (Optical Sensor Technology) keyboards use cutting edge technology, replacing mechanical technology, and provide velocity sensitivity.

  • Moving drawknobs are standard on ALL drawknob models – at no extra charge, NO lighted drawknobs, there are NO incandescent light bulbs to replace.  For organs using our Lumitech Lighted Stoptab technology, superior LED’s are used– not light bulbs. All are made by Allen and are under the same warranty.

  • Allen Organ Company complies with ALL industry and governmental standards to include the worldwide circuit board lead free rules.  Allen complied with these rules before they even went into effect with no price increase to cover the new technology and training required for compliance. 

  • Allen digital GeniSys organs are maintenance free – unlike a pipe organ or other digital organs, there is no contact cleaning, no tuning, no re-leathering, no rebuilding – ever.

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