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Allen Organ Hybrid Pipe/Digital Instruments

(Northeast Examples In Gallery Below - Click To Enlarge)

Allen Organs has built literally thousands of what we call "hybrid" instruments around the world, utilizing both the tradition of wind blown pipes as well as 21st century digital technology.  

​Hybrid projects can be brand new instruments with a new maintenance free Allen console, digital additions and new pipework, or rebuilds from current pipework with a new Allen console and digital additions​.  In many cases, depending on their scaling and overall condition, pipes that are part of a current instrument can be re-used, re-voiced, re-conditioned and incorporated into the new instrument's specification. In this manner, the church preserves the history and heritage of their pipe instrument from past memorial gifts, thereby being incorporated into a new low maintenance hybrid instrument with a new 21st century technology console and digital additions. If your church currently owns a pipe organ, we will be glad to provide an on site evaluation of your current instrument at no charge.  We will then provide several options for the church to consider.   (Click "Is a Hybrid Right For Me??" link below for a discussion written by one of our associates Robert Faucher.)

​Allen Organ Studios parent company Church Organ Sales, Inc. also has a pipe organ division, COSS Organs.  COSS maintains about 75 pipe organs throughout the region, including the 2 largest instruments in the Capital Region of NY. COSS provides all the pipe components for our hybrid instruments

Allen Organ Studios, Delmar, NY newest hybrid project was installed in 2022 at St. Alexander's Church, Morrisonville, NY.  We provided a state of the art Allen digital console and a number of high quality digital voices to compliment pipe ranks preserved from the church's existing pipe organ as well and new pipe ranks added to the specification.

Please click the list below for many other examples of Allen hybrid instruments installed throughout the region.

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