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Hybrid Organs

As a popular trend today, many churches commission us to build a hybrid organ which allows the best of both worlds.  State of the art digital sound and consoles are seamlessly married together with new pipe work, legacy pipework from our inventory, or incorporating your existing legacy pipework into a brand new instrument.  This approach saves both funds and space.  Our studio organ pictured below allows us to add 4 ranks of exposed pipework to any new Allen console for the purposes of demonstrating how this process works within our own facility.  Through our pipe organ division, Church Organ Sales and Service, we can provide custom pipe organs or pipe additions to an Allen digital organ at very competitive prices.  


Allen Organ Studios 4 rank pipe organ. 8' Diapason, 4' Octave, 2' Fifteenth, 8' Gedeckt

46 Stop, 3 Manual and Pedal with 4 Ranks of Pipework

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