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Allen Builds New Custom Organ for
Immaculate Conception Church, Glenville NY.


We are pleased to announce the installation of a new custom Allen Organ for Immaculate Conception Church.

It is indeed rare for an organ builder to have such a fine music program and wonderful building to work with; but, it is also quite rewarding to have a willing partner to explore the capabilities of the instrument and to be able to design a truly one of a kind, comprehensive specification..

The rich and generously scaled multiple choruses throughout the organ divisions provide the foundation for leading congregational singing.  To provide the backbone for each of the organ’s divisions, full Principal choruses are specified.  Choral works are supported by an abundance of rich 8’ stops, colorful flutes, a large variety of solo reeds, and a number of String and Celeste stops.

As for the ability to serve as a recital instrument,  through 21st century digital technology, and with its 6 unique independent and properly scaled and voiced tonal specifications, the organ has the tonal resources to allow the organist to authentically perform any organ literature written during the last 5 and a half centuries.

We are honored to have been commissioned to build a new instrument for Immaculate Conception Church. Designing, building, and installing this instrument has been a totally rewarding experience for us!

The incomparable Diane Bish performed the dedicatory concert in May 2015

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